What are the causes of air compressor failure?

 There are 7 reasons for air compressor failure:

① The equipment cooling system is poor, the heat dissipation of the cylinder is poor, and the temperature of the compressed air in the cylinder exceeds the specified value or is quite close to the flash point temperature of the lubricating oil.

② The cylinder lubricating oil is improperly selected or the quality does not meet the requirements, and the flash point is too low or even close to the exhaust temperature of compressed air, which is easy to form mixed explosive gas.

③ The exhaust valve leaks, so that the compressed air in the exhaust pipe returns to the cylinder and is compressed repeatedly, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the cylinder and the air in the cylinder.

④ A high concentration of combustible gas is inhaled, resulting in the formation of mixed flammable and explosive gas, which will explode after compression in the cylinder.

⑤ Accidents occur when the pressure greatly exceeds the specified value due to incomplete, failure or installation of safety accessories.

⑥ The installation does not meet the specified requirements, such as missing the cotter pin or breaking the cotter pin, falling out of the fixing bolt of the air valve into the cylinder, resulting in cylinder jacking accident.

⑦ When the cooling water is interrupted, the cylinder temperature rises sharply, and then cold water is suddenly injected to cool the high-temperature cylinder suddenly, resulting in cylinder explosion or crack.