The significance of the instructions for using the air compressor

  The significance of the instruction manual for the use of Losmann air compressor is as follows: 1. The instruction manual will give guidance and suggestions on the installation site of Losmann air compressor, ventilation volume of air compressor station, specifications of power supply cables and air switches, water supply pressure and flow, and exhaust pipe size. 2. The operation manual will also describe the principle and structure of the Losmann air compressor in detail, and the personnel with certain electromechanical basic knowledge can make correct judgment and handling of common problems through careful reading. 3. The user manual generally gives many safety tips for operating the air compressor to the operation and maintenance personnel.

  In addition, some foreign brands also list a number of disclaimers in the instructions. In order to avoid legal disputes between the supplier and the buyer in case of failure, users must carefully read the disclaimer, especially the small print terms.