What causes the exhaust volume of twin screw air compressor to decrease?

1. Check whether there is a problem with the rotating speed of the compressor, because the rotating speed will decrease when the voltage or frequency decreases, thus reducing the exhaust volume.

2. Check whether it may be caused by leakage. Because rotors and rotors and shells do not contact each other during operation, there will be a certain gap between them, and the secondary gap will cause gas leakage to reduce the exhaust volume.
3. It also has something to do with the cooling effect: when the cooling effect is not good, the temperature will rise, and the air displacement will decrease.
4. It is also related to the inspiratory state: when the density of the gas decreases, the exhaust volume of the gas will be reduced accordingly.
The above is the reason for the smaller exhaust volume of twin screw air compressor, which should be checked one by one to determine the real reason.