Blower room noise reduction methods

 The noise generated by the operation of the blower has a great impact, and if it cannot be effectively dealt with, the quality of work and life of both the operating workers and the surrounding environment will be significantly reduced. In this regard, the manufacturer has taken a good way to deal with the noise of the blower room for your reference. In order to ensure the normal operation of the unit and maintenance convenience, can not change the original facilities of the blower room, so you can in the case of the infrastructure remains unchanged, the installation of sealing sound insulation window in the appropriate location, and sealing metal doors instead of wooden doors, so that the noise propagation intensity of the noise in the blower room is correspondingly weakened. Although a well-sealed blower room can prevent noise from being transmitted outward, the reflected reverberation of sound waves in the room will be exacerbated due to the low average sound absorption coefficient of the interior wall surfaces. In order to reduce the reverberation sound, the surrounding walls and top of the blower room can be acoustically absorbed and insulated to reduce noise drying. At the same time, the blower room is treated with natural ventilation to ensure sufficient air circulation. The former is done by installing mufflers in the blower room.14.jpg