Precautions for use of silent oil-free air compressor

When the air compressor is found to have serious air leakage, abnormal noise and peculiar smell, it shall be stopped immediately, and then the cause shall be found out and the fault shall be eliminated. It can only be operated again after it returns to normal.

The user must set the air compressor protective grounding wire to ensure that all metal shells of the air compressor are in good contact with the earth, and the grounding resistance should meet the national standards.

Pay special attention to this type of air compressor is an oil free air compressor, and the friction parts are self-lubricating, so do not add lubricating oil.

When the air compressor is powered off and stopped, in order to prevent the air compressor from starting under pressure, the power-off handle of the pressure switch should be pulled to discharge the air in the pipeline, and then the air compressor should be restarted.

The filter medium in the filter shall be cleaned once every three months, and the dust on the medium shall be blown off. If necessary, it shall be washed with water, dried and reused.

The oil free air compressor must be fixed on a ventilated, stable and solid working surface. In order to reduce noise and vibration, shock absorption devices must be set.

The air compressor shall be maintained at least once every three months. The maintenance contents include removing the external dust and sundries of the air compressor, checking and tightening the connecting bolts of the air compressor, checking whether the grounding wire is intact, and checking whether the electrical circuit is aging or damaged.