Compared with other air compressors, what are the advantages of oil-free air compressors?

    The oil free air compressor is the best energy saving air compressor in China's industry at present. It is widely used in different industries. Its advantage is that it is relatively convenient to use and maintain. As long as relevant matters are done well before operation, let's take a look at the working principle of the oil-free air compressor and the preparation and testing before startup.
   The oil free air compressor can work without adding any lubricating oil; In the aspect of environmental protection: (because the lubricating oil is highly viscous, the general oil removal equipment cannot be completely removed, so the oil free air compressor's oil-free compressed gas is irreplaceable). Because the air discharged by the oil free air compressor does not contain oil, the trouble of oil pollution to gas facilities and secondary products is avoided; Excellent environmental protection and social benefits. In terms of maintenance, it can only be inspected twice a day, which is more convenient for use and maintenance.