Introduction of oil-free variable frequency single screw air compressor

     The oil-free air compressor has these advantages: generally, the oil-free air compressor will not operate in the high-speed area, and the advantage is to prolong the service life of the motor and host bearing. Keep the outlet pressure of the air storage tank stable under variable frequency operation, and the pressure fluctuation range shall not exceed plus or minus 0.2bar. The frequency converter starts the air compressor from 0Hz, and its starting acceleration time can be adjusted. This has the advantage of reducing the impact on the electrical and mechanical parts of the air compressor during starting, enhancing the reliability of the system and prolonging the service life of the air compressor. And the motor runs slowly, which effectively reduces the noise and vibration during the operation of the air compressor.

     The principle of variable frequency energy saving system of oil-free variable frequency single screw air compressor is as follows: the deviation is obtained by comparing the pipe network pressure measured by the pressure transmitter with the set value of the pressure, and the efficiency value of the asynchronous motor within the scope of the frequency converter is calculated by the PID regulator. The AC with corresponding frequency and amplitude output by the frequency converter can obtain the corresponding speed on the motor. Then the compressed air corresponding to the output of the air compressor is output to the air storage tank to change its pressure until the pipe network pressure is the same as the given pressure value, which has obvious energy-saving effect.