What are the advantages of medical oil-free air compressor?

1. Perfect system design and oil-free nano coating materials for main components

2. Because this air compressor has a multi-layer closed structure, the air compressor has a large gas production and an ultra long service life of more than 8000 hours

3. Because the inner surface of its air storage tank is treated by strict anti rust process of plastic spraying layer, it can meet the requirements of clean, oil-free and dry compressed air

The material of the medical oil-free air compressor itself does not contain oily substances, and it does not need to add any lubricating oil when working, so the quality of the discharged air is greatly improved, and the safety of the supporting equipment required by the user is also guaranteed. The oil-free air compressor, because the gas discharged contains a large number of oil molecules, will bring varying degrees of corrosion to the user's supporting equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an oil-free silent air compressor to ensure air quality. This is also the reason why medical air compressors choose silent oil-free air compressors.