What is an oil free air compressor, and what is the difference between an oil free air compressor?

    In terms of oil content, oil and no oil in the air compressor generally refer to the oil content of the gas discharged from the air compressor exhaust port. Generally, the oil content of the oil compressor is large, and the oil content of the oil free machine is 0.01ppm, so this oil content is generally used to distinguish the oil and no oil in the air compressor.
    From the perspective of structure, there is no difference between the bearings of oil-free air compressor and oil-containing air compressor. But from the working principle, there are obvious differences between the two. The oil-free air compressor has no participation of oil in the operation process. Whether it is oil-free piston machine or oil-free screw machine, they will produce a lot of high temperature in the operation process. If there is the participation of oil-free air compressor oil, it will take away the high temperature generated in the compression process of the air compressor, thus cooling the machine.
   Compared with oil-free air compressors, oil-free air compressors are cleaner and more environmentally friendly to some extent. Therefore, institutions such as hospitals, laboratories, schools and so on are very suitable for the use of oil-free air compressors, and these institutions also prefer to use oil-free air compressors.