What are the advantages of oil free air compressor compared with air compressor?

   The oil free air compressor belongs to the micro reciprocating piston type compressor. The motor drives the mechanical structure of symmetrically distributed crank and rocker. The main moving rod is a piston ring, and the auxiliary moving rod is an aluminum alloy cylindrical surface. The lubrication between the moving rods is the same as the self lubrication of the piston ring, so no lubricant is added. The oil free air compressor and the air compressor are only two words apart from each other, but they are quite different. The advantages of the oil free air compressor are as follows:
1. The air compressor has good stability
2. This type of air compressor does not need to install a pulsation elimination device, because the small stroke volume of a single cylinder makes the pulsation at the inlet end and the exhaust end less than 1%
3. Since this type of air compressor uses a small cylinder, the air compressor is light and compact
4. The vibration of oil-free air compressor is slight
5. Since the noise value is very small, about 70-82 dB, no additional noise reduction measures are required
6. Because the air compressor parts are small and light, the factory's own staff can maintain the air compressor, saving the maintenance cost