Rothman air compressor RSM-30A VSD



Type:air compressor

Zhengzhou Xinluosi Energy-saving Equipment Co., Ltd. (Rothman) is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research and development, energy management, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, and technical consulting of air compressor waste heat recovery equipment. Rothman is not only committed to the research and development and promotion of energy-saving equipment, but also dedicated to the spread of energy-saving cultural awareness, providing the most scientific energy-saving solutions. Rothman is a high-tech enterprise and currently has four energy-saving products with independent intellectual property rights: air compressor waste heat recovery equipment, water and ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and double-layer polyester amide insulation pipes. Products are widely used in: automobile manufacturing , Chemical, energy, mining, home appliance production, textile industry, metallurgy and other industries. Rothman not only has an experienced and skilled professional construction team, but also can provide you with site surveys, program design, technical support, product OEM, and provide the entire project with materials, construction and installation, after-sales and other distributors. The service system eliminates your worries and reduces your manpower, material cost and risk factor! While speeding up the introduction of advantageous products to the market, Rothman invests a lot of money in technological innovation to contribute to the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection.